The Challenge

Riot Squad Mods is a company serving the electronic cigarette, or vaping community. Their goal was to produce a best-in-class mechanical e-cigarette, or mod. These devices are handheld and deliver high current to the atomiser with a minimum of voltage drop. User experience and perception of feel of the device are of great importance in this market. Alpha Proto worked with the client to define the desired characteristics of the mod.

The Strategy

A purely mechanical switch was conceived, capable of passing up to 80 amps with an absolute minimum of contact resistance. Contact design minimizes the effects of pitting and welding, complicated by the required current. Safety concerns called for positive disengagement, along with a recessed design to prevent accidental operation. Premium materials were selected to meet insulation, friction, and user experience requirements. These served to further differentiate the device from competitors.

The Product

Several units were built with different surface coatings. These have been in continuous use for several months and have received very positive reviews. The customer is gearing up for a limited production run.

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