The Challenge

Segana, LLC is a medical technology company focused on a novel method to improve targeting of therapeutic radiation to lung tumors. Increased accuracy improves treatment outcome and reduces damage to surrounding healthy tissue. To do this, an exact replica, or phantom, of the patient’s lung is 3-D printed. Alpha Proto was called on to design and build a Lung Chamber to animate this phantom. The Lung Chamber is placed within the treatment apparatus, allowing physicians to exactly track the movement of the lung.

The Strategy

Alpha Proto worked with the client and experts in the field at UCLA and UCF to establish requirements for the Lung Chamber. The chamber was designed, along with the pump required for inflation and deflation. Electronics, actuators, and sensors to allow precise control of the pump were designed. Mechanical parts were machined, and a circuit board assembled. A Graphical User Interface (GUI) was created to interface with the on-board electronics. The GUI allows loading patient spirometer data to animate the lung phantom. A balloon was used as lung phantom stand in for early testing.

The Product

The device has been featured in a televised news story. It is currently in use to aid in refining the lung phantom production method.

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