We provide many services at Alpha Proto. We can provide a total solution, or just fill in as required. Our goal is to help bring your idea to a point of readiness for manufacture in large quantities. To achieve that goal we offer services ranging from full engineering design in electrical, mechanical, and software to just using one of these services as needed. Our experienced team comprised of engineers from each of these disciplines have a proven track record of collaboration. Let us provide the parts of the engineering puzzle you need assistance with.

For instance, let us say you have a concept for a sensor, but are not an engineer. We can provide a proof of concept, design a housing, circuit, PCB, simulate it, write code, and physically create it. Now you have a working prototype which you can show to investors or move into production.

We also work with other companies. If your engineering department is overloaded or short handed in a specific area, we can help. We can assist your staff in meeting deadlines. We are also available to team with other companies on SBIRs, BAAs, or other government contracts. We can work as prime or subcontractor, either with other small businesses or larger entities.