What projects will you work on?

We’ll work on a wide variety of projects, from specific mechanical, software, and electrical projects to group projects that require multiple facets of engineering.

What happens with Intellectual Property?

You keep 100% of your intellectual property and design. We retain some rights to part and software reuse that we have supplied, but not for the full design.

How much do you cost?

Without knowing anything on your specific project, we can’t really quote you. If you would like to contact us at info@alphaproto.com we can give you a free consultation and quote on your project!

What can I bring to you in terms of documentation?

Anything from a napkin sketch idea that has no documentation to a fully fleshed out design with CAD, UML and requirements documents. We will work with you to bring your concept to prototype and beyond.

Can I ask a question that’s not here?

Certainly! Just send your question to info@alphaproto.com and we will be happy to answer it!