Software Engineering

Alpha Proto has wide ranging experience in software engineering, from low power embedded solutions and PLCs for industrial control applications to large scale data processing on a supercomputer cluster. This allows us to meet your needs regardless of scale.

Embedded microcontrollers, on custom circuit boards or development kits, provide the logic that controls most prototypes. We have the capabilities and experience to develop for a large number of microcontrollers. Among others, we are familiar with the STM32 ARM series with FreeRTOS or bare metal, the Atmel AVR/AVR32 UC3/SAM series for low power applications, embedded linux applications on either the ARM Cortex or x86-based single board computers, as well as PIC or Arduino to provide a framework that you can easily modify. Using our existing libraries and knowhow we can create custom applications to directly control your product or connect to computers remotely for command and control. We also have the capability to develop for Xilinx FPGAs in VHDL or Vivado HLS  for systems that require real-time data capture and processing.

We have over ten years of experience in PC development to meet customer needs. Our team can develop in C/C++, Matlab/Octave, Simulink, MathCAD, PHP, Java, and a host of other languages to create custom console, GUI, or web-based applications. We have the ability to create backends for collection, storage, and analysis of large data sets. We can design custom utilities for purposes such as internal use in control of a production process, simulations to optimize designs, or data conversion for interoperability with existing products. Finally, we can code test or client facing graphical interfaces which allow adjusting parameters to modify operation. If required, we can utilize a cluster of multiple computers to speed up tasks which can run in parallel.

Our experience allows us to be a one stop shop for everything from computer vision and sensor fusion to low powered sensors and wearables that can run for months on a single battery.  We have the software skills to enable us to bring your project to life.