Electrical Engineering

Alpha Proto’s personnel have a long track record of proven performance in both analog and digital circuit design. We have designed amplifiers and drivers for a variety of transducers, transformers, as well as circuits for amplifier overvoltage and overcurrent protection, complex impedance matching, and battery backup. We have done work with a wide variety of optical, pressure, audio, angular, velocity and acceleration sensors.

Simple circuits and early proofs of concept can be created and tested using development kits, breadboards and dead bug techniques. For more complex designs and later iterations printed circuit boards (PCBs) can be made. We have expertise in the population and reflow of individual to small production runs of boards, as well as test, troubleshooting, inspection, and rework. We have experience with many connector families, conformal coatings and potting compounds. We are comfortable with parts ranging from through hole to small pitch, high density surface mount packages such as BGA, QFN, and TSSOP.

Alpha Proto is listed as a service bureau for Altium Designer. We have over ten years experience in the use of this software for schematic capture, circuit simulation, PCB layout, and the generation of files for circuit board manufacture.