Great minds think alike.

Multidisciplinary, common goal. The core of ALPHA PROTO:
Electrical, Mechanical, and Software Engineering.

From concept, to creation, and every iteration.
We’re your engineering department.

Our team has over 35 years combined experience dating back to the Robotics Club at the University of Central Florida. We bonded over hard work and shared passion during long nights and weekends in the lab. We worked on a variety of autonomous vehicles for entry in land, underwater, surface, and aerial competitions. All of us contributed to UCF’s entry to the DARPA Grand Challenge. After graduating, we gathered valuable experience in hands-on engineering, research methods, design for manufacture, and production. Much of this work was funded by various government agencies through BAA, SBIR and STTR programs, sometimes requiring clearance. In January of 2016, a long term plan came to fulfillment and Alpha Proto opened its doors!

Richard Andres
CEO and Senior Electrical Engineer

Richard’s passion for electronics started with tinkering on anything from vacuum tube amplifiers and guitar effects to gaming consoles.

Gary Stein, PhD
CFO and Senior Software Engineer

Gary has a lifelong desire to automate every mundane task he’s been faced with, and he has yet to meet a robot he doesn’t like.

Scott Stickler
CMO and Senior Mechanical Engineer

From restoring motorcycles to working at his family’s thermoforming business, Scott has always sought to improve all things mechanical.

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